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January 29, 2008


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My boyfriend got mugged in Hackney last Saturday ;)

I saw some chinese 'onion chives' it said on the packet, last night. Did yours have little lighter green buds on the end? These did.

Joshua: Nope, no buds which is the main reason I'm thinking they weren't chinese/garlic/onion chives. I shall investigate further.

Mrs G

Finally you have made another post, I was beginning to think you had given up with the blog...


Thanks for noticing.

It's all been a bit busy with the move but should hopefully be back to normal now. So saying still a bit box heavy in the flat and no computer desk yet. Excuses, excuses...

I've just put another post up so two in one day. Off on holiday Saturday though so will be a week or two till the next. I'll hopefully eat something worth blogging whilst away though.


Josh, I often grow Chinese chives; well, I call them garlic chives. They are a more robust plant than the onion-flavoured chive, and the leaves are long and strap-shaped rather than hollow. They don't always have little buds on the tips of their stems. What you bought may actually be the same thing, but the tips of the leaves are blurred in your photo [for artistic reasons, I know] so I cannot check for sure.

I have found that these chives do not retain their mild garlicky flavour very well when heated, so I would be inclined to add the chives with the prawns, AFTER the tofu has heated through.


Ah. They are indeed long and strap like rather than hollow. There's a chinese name written on the pack but I've somehow managed to forget what it said since reading it last night.

I think I'm going to use the remainder tonight along with some firm tofu (not going to bother frying it first) and dried shrimp so I will take your advice and leave them till the end.


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