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August 06, 2008


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Wow... you actually make me want to try one of these... I think I'd keep my eyes closed though and a beer or two beforehand seems obligatory!

Kavita Favelle

Eee by gum, you're braver than I!


She's a brave lady, and you are a brave man. I don't think I could be so intrepid.


Well ..... that looks pretty gross, Josh! I think I need to look at these photos before every meal. It will help enormously with my diet!

Hey, now I get bragging rights to say I "know" someone who has eaten balut! Oh, and welcome back from your travels.


Move over Bear Grylls, Josh is coming through.


I was doing ok until the picture of it completely shelled, and then the one where you had taken a bite put me over the edge.

I'm sure they are nice, but I just don't think I could.

Well maybe with a good few beers inside me and for a bet.

Glad you had a good time on your jollies, looking forward to reading some more.


Wow! I want a go!


I spent 10 weeks in the Philippines and was unable to escape without trying one on the roadside. They look absolutely disgusting, and the sensation isn't very nice either, but they genuinely taste amazing. Imagine the delicious taste of a runny yellow egg yolk, concentrated 10x. Very tasty if you can get past the idea of it.


Want one want one want one

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