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September 05, 2008


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Ian Hoare

Well done, Josh.

Looks delicious. That said, I do have a preference for brown bread (especially home made) with home made tomato ketchup and streaky, but looking at yours, I had an irresistable urge for bacon butties for lunch. "Oy.... Jacquie?"

Which reminds me, my 1.5 kg batch of streaky will be ready to be dried off this evening.

Bridget Harris

That bacon looks fabulous. I'm inspired to have a go myself - sounds like the only hassle is finding a really accurate weighing scale. Any suggestions?

Joshua Armstrong

Thanks Bridget.

I bought a little digital pair from ebay that weigh to 100gr in 1/100th of a gram. I think they were about £15.

Johnny C

Hi Josh, long time no speak.
I cured some bacon recently, got the same cure. I did 3 lots, one with white sugar, one with the 25g of muscovado and one with double the amount of muscovado to get a sweet cure. The sweetcure was the best. I got a cheap vacuum sealer which means you don't have to worry about turning it so much. My main hassle was slicing it, so I got an electric slicer from Lidl (£30) which I'll use next time, I'm also going to make some loundza and a slicer is necessary for that. Good idea for the lamb neck fillet, I'll give that a whizz with some indian spices.

You should pop into the Pond sometime and say Hi, there's still a lot of people you knew there who would like to see you again

Joshua Armstrong

Hello again

I do love the taste of the sugar, one problem I found is it seems to burn onto my frying pan a lot.

Normally I find slicing a bit of a pain but the bacon firmed up loads this time and it was easier. I think a slicer should be bought though and £30 is a bargain.

I still have the link for the pond so will pop over and say hello at some point.

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