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September 09, 2008


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I love macaroni, especially in a thin broth. I don't think I've ever had wild rabbit, although certainly farmed which I wasn't blown away by. Is the flavour very different?

Joshua Armstrong

The macaroni in stock made me think of your mentions of macaroni in broth with fried egg and spam (that is correct isn't it?).

The rabbit just tasted like any other rabbit I've had really - a fairly mild meat really - so I've either only eaten wild rabbit or they taste pretty similar to farmed.

Pilaff(BBC FB)

Hi - thanks for the heads up on your write up (i'll say say 'up' again will i?).That's one tasty looking wabbit.Tbh i thought that the mac accompaniment looked a bit odd but when you think about noodles/pasta in broth it all makes glorious sense.

Thanks also for reminding me about the HFW book - i'm particularly taken by his suggestion for rehabillitating stews, i.e. drain meat ,shred,fry,and then 're-dress' with some of the gravy.

Whilst hunting for rabbit recipes though i came across a 'cure/marinade' (US style) that purports to tenderise wild rabbits prior to braising - it's a very simple salt,leave,rinse ,then cover with milk (herbs&pepper are optional)overnight,before re-rinsing & cooking.I'm up for giving it a bash anyway.I really want to make this now but i promised 'him indoors' a pie and a pie he will have.

Many thanks again.And actually again again cos i've got to have larp/laab(?) very soon.

I thought i'd reply 'properly' here, otherwise my reply post on the MB is going to be of a server crashing length, as i have several other contributors to thank!

Mexico Cooks!

Not about the rabbit, although rabbit is up pretty soon on my list of things to cook, this is about Mexico Cooks! and your liking for Mexican food. I think you'd like the blog as well; have a look, at http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com.

If you'd like to link to it on Cooking the Books, I'd be delighted. Let me know.

Mexico Cooks!


I am loving how everyone is getting into rabbit at the moment, I think it is so underrated! I just made a rabbit lasagne


which worked out really well!

Badger's Mate

Rabbit makes a very good tandoori or satay dish too.

When eating slow cooked rabbit stews in which the meat is falling off the bones, one thing to watch out for (two actually) are the kneecaps. They can really give your fillings a jolt.


Joshua Armstrong

Cristina - loving your site. The photography's fantastic. I shall add a link from mine.

Helen - it's definitely not eaten enough. That lasagne looks very good.

Pilaff - I'm a big fan of leaving and reheating stews. The meat seems to reabsorb the liquid that's been expelled during cooking and then if you're careful with the reheating it stays in there.

BM - luckily I've avoided the kneecaps so far, can't imagine it's the most pleasant though.

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