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April 02, 2009


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Lee Donovan

That looks spectacular. Looking forward go more posts.


That looks amazing.

If you get this while you're still in HK, make sure you try the waffles - cooked in an egg shaped waffle maker in street stalls. They are the best.

Ann (applelisa)

That looks gorgeous! When (if!) you get back to London you'll have to try the wood roasted ducks at Min Jiang! Hope you're having fun - 3 of my 'real' friends and 2 of my 'cyber' friends are currently in Hong Kong, so I'm very envious!
The other pics look, well, some items look tastier than others ;o)


Wow! That first picture had me all excited - the colour of that duck is incredible! My mouth is watering. Then the skin looks good and crispy. I know what you mean about the final preparation though, it would have been nice to eat pieces of that duck meat on it's own i am sure. Even though I have recently discovered the wonders of fried dough sticks - how I ever lived with out them I do not know!

Joshua Armstrong

Sorry for the delay in response.

Lee - it definitely made a great centrepiece to the meal.

Lizzie - I think I had one of those waffles, are they loads of spheres connected together?

Ann - not sure if this one was wood roasted but we had one last night that was. No flash restaurant though, just off a hawker stall in KL, famous for its wood roasted duck. Alas I didn't have a camera with me so only I get to enjoy it. And enjoy it I did, it had such a crisp skin and delicate smokiness.

Helen - as mentioned above I've now had the delight of the flesh on its own, although I didn't get the skin and pancakes last night. Speking to a Chinese lady last night she was saying the stir fry and lettuce is a common course when eating roast duck over here. Not sure if it's a Cantonese thng versus Beijing or not though.


That just looks amazing. I am moving to Hong Kong soon. Could you tel me the name of the restaurant? I tried to google maxim's palace hong kong, but a number of restaurants came up on their website.



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