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July 24, 2009


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bamboo girl

i am from asia too, people there do not welcome for the existing modernized life, they love whenever the living style they are, most of their soul are still like a baby, they care live relax every day is ok.

Kees Sprengers

we really enjoyed your blog about the Lanten village you visited in Luang Namtha, Laos.
I have been photographing ethnic communities in the province for the pat seven years, my wife is near completing a cookbook of local Luang Namtha foog.

Do you remeber the name of the Lanten village you spent the night in? Was it Ban Nam Koy?
If not, do you remember what company you went trekking with, e.g. the govt tourism office, or "green Discovery"?

Your response may add useful info to my database of information about Luang Namtha. Thank you

Kees Sprengers

PS have a look at my website, may bring back memories.


Oh WOW! Amazing. What a fantastic experience. Really enjoying reading all about your adventures and vicariously enjoying most of the food. Keep it coming!


This soooo reminds me of the Thailand I visited 30 years ago, before the Hill Tribe villages became theme parks!

Joshua Armstrong

It's a shame Thailaind has lost so much of it's jungle heritage. I've heard many folk say Laos is being far more sympathetic with its tourism than they were so hopefully they won't suffer the same fate.

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