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August 16, 2009


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Good lord - that must've been spicy as hell. I too have never noticed the lip tingling effects of sichuan pepper, but a recent meal at Chilli Cool definitely did.

Ann (applelisa)

Fabulous! One of my very favourite dishes too, and to eat a quintessentially Sichuan dish in Sichuan province is right up there on my 'to do' list!
Try to bring back some sichuan peppercorns - the ones they sell over here are really pretty grim - Bar Shu apparently gets them flown in every week, as they have a pretty short shelf life...

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Ann and Lizzie

With my infrequent internet my comment replying is truly awful.

Lizzie - it was damn hot, you know I can take my chili

Ann - I can well imagine they do that, good Sichuan pepper is nothing like the poor stuff.

Hope you're both well

Sue (Stokey)


If it was as hot as you can take it then it's probably too much for me.

I notice that the mapo dofu in the picture looks much darker than when I have made it. I wonder if that it down to the larger amount of chili and such?

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Sue, I think a lot of that colour comes from the roasted Sichuan pepper, they use quite a lot.

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