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September 21, 2009


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A great read Josh.
The only time I get pancakes & duck is when I visit my family on my own, and I insist we go out for a Chinese dinner.

I'd love to try the real deal one day.


I never made it to Quanjude, but I have been to Dadong. It was wonderful. Quite flash, but the duck really delivered, and the skin was delightfully crisp! They also gave you the head to suck on if you were so inclined.

Ann (applelisa)

The duck looks gorgeous - when you return you'll have to go to Min Jiang in Kensington, which serves great wood roasted Peking duck with skin to die for (only there you dip it in sugar, not salt!)

Joshua Armstrong

Gill - get uyourself to Beijing Gill, it's everywhere.

Sharmila - you've sold it to me far more than the reduced fat. It will have to be tried next time I'm in Beijing.

Ann - I should've written sugar as that's what we got. Not sure where salt came from. I shall go and edit. I'm not as convinced by the combination as you.

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