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March 31, 2010


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This was my father's favourite dish and I think he would still have it everyday if not for the fact that there's loads of lard in it! But it is indeed sooooo good!

(Oriental Canteen in South Ken serve a braised pork belly dish that's similar but with preserved veg instead of yam and we're always defeated by it.)


Oh my god. Now that is involved. It looks fantastic - I can just imagine the textures of the powdery taro and the squidgy belly. Dribble.


It's called kow yuk in Chinese. The one with salted vegetable is mui choi kow yuk.

Deep frying boiled/blanched pork with skin on is really dangerous. I have scar to prove it.

My version is slightly different. We always used left over Siu yuk (crispy roast belly) for this recipe. For the flavouring, using my mum's recipe, I have always used red fermented beancurd, no doujiang. Eddoes is less flavourful than the large oriental taro. I find the frozen taro pieces imported from Vietnam is quite good and flavourful.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Sunflower

I didn't realise you could get taro frozen. The Chinese supermarket had fresh ones and so I just used them.

I agree on the deep frying pork skin. I want to deep fry a pig trotter soon and am a bit worried. Was hoping that without the boiling first it might not be so lively.


Good luck with the trotter. Make sure you wipe off any external moisture and let the pork air dry for a while before frying. Any moisture will make the pork spraying hot oil around the stove and at you too!


See I really want to try this because I have some time this week but I only just got over my fear of 'normal' deep frying!

Joshua Armstrong

sunflower - I'm hoping the trotter won't be so bad as it's not been boiled before, will definitely take your drying advice though.

Helen - I don't blame you, those big pots of hot oil are scary enough, let alone when they're exploding at you

preciosa ryder


anyone can tell me how to choose the right kind of yam. i got the yams from the supermarket, but unfortunately they dont taste like yam which should be starchy. they are crunchy or crispy which taste terrible.

hope to get some help.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi. I'm not too knowledgeable on the yams, sorry. I just grabbed the ones pictured above from a Chinese supermarket.

Sunflower, in her comment above, mentions large frozen pieces from Vietnam bought from a Chinese supermarket too.

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