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March 23, 2010


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This looks greats, in total agreement that shoulder is brilliant for Rillettes. Will try this one some point soon.


Your rillettes look lovely! That speciality is so fine on good crusty bread...




I love rillettes so much and I was thinking about how I should make some last night. Now I don't have to spend ages searching for a recipe, because this looks and sounds fantastic.

Joshua Armstrong

Paul - definitely the best texture, sometimes a little lean though so I add some belly or the fat trimmed from a loin joint

Rosa - thank you

ginandcrumpets - when I'm making normal pork rillettes I just salt the meat overnight with some crushed cloves of garlic, bay, black pepper and thyme. This then gets the same treatment as above (so washed then simmered) and I'd check if it needed any salt at the end too, would still add lots of pepper and maybe some nutmeg too.

sally Smallwood

Lovely blog. Thank you! I'll be back. The little plop of picallili looks just perfect for the rich rillettes x


How lovely! So simple too. I've been noticing terrines are everywhere right now too. I do really enjoy them.


Hi Josh

Great to see you are blogging again.

The rillettes look fantastic. I usually only make pork ones but will definitely be giving them a go.

Joshua Armstrong

Sally - it definitely helped cut through the richness, a perfect compliment.

Hi Luca. Long time since I've heard from you. Rillettes are so good, pork or ham. Just a shame about the fat content otherwise I'd eat them far more frequently, with a spoon probably.


Hi Josh,

I have three members of the family who would think a spoon was mandatory!

Having checked on your blog a few times and seen no new entries I assumed you were having a slight break from it - or planning your next great food adventure. Now I know you're up and running again I'll keep an eye out...

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