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April 12, 2010


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This looks delicious; I need to get me some chillis. I still remember a Texan lady saying "beans in chilli are only for poor people and vegetarians".


I love the sound of this. It's amazing how the different chillies can affect the flavour of the finished dish so much, how brilliant to have someone to bring them for you!

I've yet to try using coffee as a flavouring but I've read a lot about the authenticity of it.


First recipe I've ever read to contain the phrase "chilli slurry"...

That does look like a pretty mental amount of chillies, sounds like a nice bowl o' red though.


Oh fantastic - this is a new one for me. I love exploring traditional recipes, and following the purists to see what they do, being a bit of a purist myself. I like the texture combination of the two cuts of beef too.


Looks amazing. I have to make it. I gave up using mince in my chilli a long time ago - gross texture. This is now on my hit list though and all thoughts of 'regular' chilli have gone out the window.


chilies? no photo can get better than that for me- no photo. that looks like utter heaven that chili con carne you made- i like that you omitted the mince- dog food-ish in my humble opinion. adore new mexico chilies. lucky, lucky man to have all those chilies!

Sam Hill

I made this chilli recipe recently with a large range of dried mexican chillis and short ribs instead of mince. It's great. Some interesting additional ingredients too!


Joshua Armstrong

Just realised I've not replied to any of these, how rude.

Lizzie - love it, I am now an honorary Texan (and don't want to be called a veggie) so will remain bean free

Kerri - it was lucky. I've seen them on online places many a time but they've never got them all at the same time and I'm loathe to

Gary - maybe not the most appetising term. You seem to have picked up the lingo well.

Niamh - it was a new one to me too, until I first read about it obviously

Helen - I'm haunted by mince dishes from my childhood so always turn to lumps if I can. This one is well worth the effort.

Shayma - my spelling? I never can work out which one is correct. At the rate this dish uses them not sure I'm going to have them for too much longer.

Sam - I love the labs on seriouseats/hamburger today. That looks a very tasty recipe although the honorary Texan in me isn't happy about the beans.


That looks so good and has enthused me with the desire for many and varied chillies. I am definitely making this.

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