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May 13, 2010


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Good on you to try pig's stomach at home.

Haven't had this chewy offal for very long time. As you know Chinese do treasure offals a lot more than the meat itself. Stomach is premium meat can go hand in hand with expensive ingredients like stomach and abalone a classic Cantonese dish. Pepper stomach soup is great, my mum used to use pepper roots for this soup, she said is far better than the peppercorns. Stomach is really nice just simmer in master sauce (flavoured soy sauce). There is a classic recipe you may be interested is stomach stuffed with chicken, great classic dish.

I have lots of recipes if you are interested.


I'm not sure I should have read that with the hangover I'm currently sporting. BLARGH. (The finished dish looks great though)

Joshua Armstrong

sunflower - I love it. I'm guessing I'll struggle to get pepper roots over here. I would love some of your recipes, the stomach is a hard one to find recipes for in English, I need to get 猪肚 into Google and get translating.

lizzie - I would probably have struggled making it on a hangover, the pepper stomach soup is meant to be good post drinking though, more prioir to the hangover to sweat the alcohol out though, and I think that's more down to the pepper than the stomach.

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