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July 23, 2010


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Bastard. Just deleted my comment!

Again: I've never heard of mexican chorizo before and I'm really wondering WHY? I love breakfast burritos and this looks like it would make the ultimate one. I must make this asap.

Mexican food is rather good, isn't it.


This looks like my kind of recipe - so simple, yet versatile to boot! And I love chorizo. I'll defintiely be giving this one a go! Thanks Josh.


One thing I haven't tried to make myself!! Mexican chorizo, yum yum...might do it very soon as I was thinking about it yesterday when I wrote my breakfast burrito post. Yours looks very dry...it is usually super oily and messy. Must just be the way you cooked it up. Looks delicious either way. Your posts are making me crave corn tortillas.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Tiffany. YEp, we were only just talking about breakfast burritos and Mexican chorizo. Pigs are so damn lean over here that you lose out on a lot of oil, unless you add it later.

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