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July 14, 2010


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I have to try this. Obviously nothing can compare to the fresh shoot but it's good to know we can make a decent version. I made pork and preserved vegetable soup recently and couldn't get enough.

Mr Noodles

I think rice vermicelli would go really well with this soup. Nice meeting you last night too.

Joshua Armstrong

Helen - pork and preserved veg is such a good combination. What preserved veg were you using? The leafy cabbage one or the knobbly Sichuan tuber.

Sung - would definitely be good with rice vermicelli, also mung bean vermicelli too which is how I ate a bowl of it as I wanted to bulk it up. The noodle-less bowl got blogged though.

The Grubworm

Simple food and yet so tasty - it;s one of things i love about this dish. Like you all said, noodles would go well, i'd opt for the flat rice ones i think. But then again, if you have enough tofu in there then you wouldn't need anything else to make it a perfect light lunch.

I have never tried making tofu soup. This is pretty interesting. I would love to make some and try it for myself.

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