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July 22, 2010


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I think my arteries clogged just reading that. PHWOAR.

I agree about over exposure; I too just looked at the photos - but then, I am guilty of it myself.


I want more pictures.

And the real thing, obviously.


Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie - in that case probably best to drink with a glass of red wine. That's good for clearing the arteries - no?

Meemalee - I've added another photo, just for you


I want that.

Actually I remember Hugh F-W making rillons but his included some red wine, I believe. OK, I want both.


They look great, I love these simple French Pork recipes. They are just fantastically good to eat.


Oh lordy. What have you done to me? I want that in my belly right now. I want my rillions, my rillions, my pork rillions...

Seriously. I want them.

Joshua Armstrong

Su Lin - HFW does indeed use red wine in his. It was one of the recipes I read when researching and putting mine together but ended up on the purer Raymond Blanc route, although I think the bay and garlic were an HFW influence.

Paul - they're so good to eat. I had to bring them to work and share as it was unfair on the gf's and my health to leave over a kilo of them in the fridge at home.


I have just dribbled on my keyboard.
That's all.

Mr Noodles

Pork belly is such a wonder - these look great! Talking of oft-blogged restaurants, Koya is another one and you should have a go at recreating their kakuni (cider braised pork belly). I would have a crack except I'm pretty limited in the kitchen.

Joshua Armstrong

Becci - sorry. You'll need at least 3 hours before you can get that in your belly.

Carla - I hope it still works, would hate to play a part in breaking your keyboard.

Sung - it's the king of meats. That Koya version is a good un too, although it was a little on the hairy side when I had it. The pig stubble was most rough on my tongue.


Mmm these look GOOD. Pork belly rocks.

Sometimes lots of exposure makes me want to go, but other times I end up not going for several months... like for Polpo.

Cooking the goods instead sounds good.


They look delicious. I think I have you to thank (profusely) for introducing me, in a virtual sense, to Fuchsia Dunlop. I made her red braised pork the other day which was also so wonderful. More please!

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