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January 27, 2011


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Korean fried chicken is one of the best things EVER invented. In the US i cannot get enough of Kyochon!! :)


I always see Korean Fried Chicken everywhere on Seoul and never tried it! Stupid me!
I think I am going past there in the Spring and will indulge.

I can't believe you thought the wing bit was a stumpy leg! haha

Joshua Armstrong

Catty - I'm yet to try the real thing, not sure I'm due in Korea or the US soon either

Leluu - definitely try it. You're not in Korea so much now though are you? Re: stumpy legs I'm a simple man at times.


Deep frying is terrible in my flat as it stinks it out for at least 2 days. I might make up the sauce though and apply it to bought fried wings!


This looks fantastic, I will be stealing this WHOLESALE to eat at home :^)

Jools Cyprien

Sounds good I make a similar dish but use a Thai red curry paste to coat. But defo going to give this a go now. Like the stumpy chicken story as well.

Mr Noodles

You can't beat a bit of fried chicken, and yours looks damn tasty. On a related point, I would add Japanese kara-age to your fried chicken hall of fame!


Any Korean market in Golders Green has gochujang, but the best market for selection is KMart, right by the tube/bus station. Plus, you can dine on their kimbap while you browse.


I know you'll think this is heresy, but I'm going to veganise this because I adore gochujang. Did you just eat it as a snack or did you serve it with something? I can't decide what.

Joshua Armstrong

Su-Lin - luckily we have a separate kitchen although it has no windows so it can get a bit smelly in there, I just shut the door to save the rest of the flat though.

Paul - glad you like it

Jools - I'm going to look into different recipes and like the idea of marinating some flavour into the chicken first

Mr Noodles (I keep forgetting your real name) - I've just added a fried chicken category to the blog and I'm going to add some more to the current southern fried, chicken 65 and korean. Kara-age will definitely be one of them, as will buffalo wings.

Annick - didn't realise there was a Korean presence in Golder's Green, thanks for the heads up.

Liz - Gochujang is great isn't it. I'm falling in love with Korean food and it is one of the main reasons why. Veganize away, I imagine it'd be good on some firm tofu. I just ate it as a snack.

P Broddy

What about Korean restaurants in London, have you sampled many?

The Bi Bam Bap at Dotori in Finsbury Park is amazing.

Joshua Armstrong

Only been getting into it recently but in the last couple of months have been to two of the row behind Centre Point. Didn't know they existed until a couple of months back though.

Will have to check out Finsbury Park, pretty convenient for us really.

Michael Toa

I love wings! They're my favourite parts of chicken after the thighs. I'm gonna make this today and I cannot wait.
Have a great weekend.

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