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February 20, 2011


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Great blog! Your last 3 posts remind me of my time in Japan. I might have to go to Abeno now for okonomiyaki. :)


I've been on a bit of a Japanese cooking kick recently too - mirin you can use in teriyaki sauce. As for the dashi, just have miso soup on the side...

Joshua Armstrong

Sheila - glad to help bring back memories

Lizzie - then I'd have to buy some miso paste though


Where do you do your ingredient shopping? You might find it cheaper to do it online or source out an independent asian store rather than a big name store like Japan Centre or Tesco (where the prices are stupidly inflated!).

Joshua Armstrong

I work in Mayfair so tend to walk to Japan Centre or one of the little Japanese shops on Brewer St, I've found they can be more expensive than Japan Centre though. Either way it's nice and convenient at lunch time.

Definitely wouldn't buy from a supermarket, got nothing against them really but they don't excel at niche stuff.

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