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February 26, 2011


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Mr Noodles

This is what I love about food blogs. Whilst this dish isn't really my bowl of noodles if you know what I mean, I am fascinated by the story of how Johnson Tang came into being!

Tori (@eat-tori)

Learn a new thing everyday! I don't know nearly as much about Korean food as I'd like... thanks so much for sharing...

Joshua Armstrong

Mr Noodles - it's a cool story isn't it. You should give it a try, it really is very tasty.

Tori - me neither, I'm only just getting into it but pretty much everything I've eaten I've liked so I think it's the start of a long-term love affair.


WHOA. Wasn't it a huge salt-fest? Spam, chilli, ramen, tick tick.

Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie, salt tolerance separates the men from the boys.

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