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February 15, 2011


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Excellent effort! I haven't been to Abeno, perhaps I won't bother and use your recipe instead.

Joshua Armstrong

Cheers. I was really happy with the way it turned out.


I remember making okonomiyaki many moons ago (also after a trip to Abeno) and really enjoying the experience, but also spending a small fortune on ingredients. I didn't even know you could get special flour (I grated up a ton of yam), so will definitely be doing that next time. Yours looks great!


I'm not sure why but I think I've been using green cabbage in the past - will try the white next time.


Oh, I wish I had the devotion to try this - will cheat with a (another) visit to Abeno instead but this looks *fab*. And has made me hungry.

Joshua Armstrong

Sharmila - I'm normally one for getting stuck in but the yam looked pretty laborious

Su-Lin - Pretty sure it was white cabbage at Abeno.

Gail - it's a pretty easy recipe, just requires lots of ingredient buying and a bit of chopping.

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