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March 24, 2011


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Good grief but these look incredible! I know what you mean about the You Tube thing, I've frittered many an hour away in a state of utter mesmerisation (but none the wiser about what they're actually saying....)


yummm they sound amazing!!


Bloody hell, they look fab!

Ah... the good ol' hot water dough. You mention dumpling flour... do you actually buy this somewhere in London?


These look AMAZING. I am definitely rustling up a batch of these.

Joshua Armstrong

GG - a picture speaks a thousand words, especially a moving one with a soundtrack of people enjoying what they're eating, regardless of the language

Emma & Roastpotato - thanks, definitely worth making

Su-Lin - yep, it's quite expensive (£3 a pack maybe) so I don't use it all the time but it seems quite common in Chinese places now. They also do bun flour which I've got to try out at some point.


I wonder what dumpling flour consists of? I always thought it was just plain flour. These look awesome; I bet you could get experimental with the fillings too.

Joshua Armstrong

Not really sure. I read somewhere about oriental flour being medium protein though so always guessed it was that and so used a mix of plain and strong.

Could definitely stick anything in the middle. Good to get something fatty though as it's all about the juices bursting forth.


My goodness this looks divine!!!

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