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March 04, 2011


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I remember having popcorn ice cream at Momufuku noodle bar in NYC, and it was amazing (and the other flavour was peanut butter! I was in heaven). I hadn't thought about recreating it, but this does look simple - I will have to give it a go.


I had popcorn ice cream at F&L on Tuesday, what a coincidence! Can I just say - it was delicious and so sounds your recipe.


Genius! I saw Heston's Cineworld prog and was looking for a popcorn ice cream recipe and here it is - thanks :)

Joshua Armstrong

Sharmila - definitely simple, no different from vanilla really except you're straining popcorn out rather than picking vanilla pods out.

Ute - didn't know Uyen made some, I'll have to compare recipes next time I see her.

Meemalee - I missed that show, was it recent?


What a fab idea - I just love popcorn.

Gin and Crumpets

I read this post on the bus and promptly had to get off and go find myself a bag of Butterkist. The ice cream sounds fantastic.


This dish seems very creative, and addictive.

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