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January 05, 2008


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Bah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and New Year too but... hmmph, I'm still waiting for the recipe from the South Am book! ;)


Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great place, I'll certainly have to consider checking it out for my meat challenge!

Mrs G

Happy Belated birthday

another blog for you to look at - this guy is a waiter in new york - I like his style



Happy belated birthday. What were the fire exploded kidney flowers? That sounds so interesting. I love the sound of the pig blood (chili soup and pig blood?)thingy but sans the Spam. I can't get over all the leftovers - oh for a long spoon


The fire-exploded kidney flowers are just slices of pig kidney scored so when they are fried they open up like flowers. They're flavoured with the usual chilli bean paste and sichuan pepper. Very tasty stuff.

There wasn't many leftovers. The shot of the half eaten spread is just that, halfway through the meal. I tried my hardest to eat all the remains although I will admit we did leave a bit.

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