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February 29, 2008


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Kavita Favelle

What an absolutely FABULOUS present... Much kudos to your girlfriend, that's a labour of love if ever I saw one.

mick wylie

That is a fantastic present...but I must ask Josh..what are the human bones from

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Mick

I bought the human bones - a femur and a sacrum - from a bloke on Islington antiques market. He has a table in Camden Passage every Saturday with generally strange stuff on and one day he had a big box of human bones, so I bought a couple.

I want a whole skeleton, but the girlfriend's not to keen on having one in the house and they're a tad expensive anyway, said bloke who sold me the bones said he could get one in a mahogany case for £2,500.


Tesco now sells kangkong. They call it 'ung choi'. Hurrah for globalization!

Joshua Armstrong

Tabea - that's good to know, handy for when I'm not near a Chinese supermarket.

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