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February 13, 2008


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chris wright

Like the blog Josh, I think I may of eaten some of those dishes in the pictures.Good week and nice to see you again, cheers Chris


Hi Joshua, your grandad was a butcher, cool! I've always wanted to spend a month or so learning to butcher animals (I did birds when I was a cook and did a pig on a spit once with a friend) but not that many butchers are willing to take on some small girl with stickish arms. Clearly they belie my enormous strength ;P Shame about the spam-saus, they're big on leberkaese which is a hot version of the same thing here (I live in Austria but I'm a Kiwi/Japanese) but there are a few things worth eating, namely laugen croissants and Steirisches Sauer Rindfleisch (thinly sliced slow simmered beef with pumpkinseed and vinegar).

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Sasa. Yep. I used to love going to the shop. I'm gutted that I never got to learn more from him but he retired when I was very young. He used to get the animals in live and slaughter and butcher them himself too so if only he was a few years younger.

I quite enjoy leberkase in a roll and that sauer rindfleisch sounds very good.

There seems to be quite a few butchery days about nowadays. Not quite the same as working in a shop for a bit but sure one would learn a bit, and I don't think they have minimum arm diameter requirements.

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