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July 09, 2008


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Kavita Favelle

Looks great.
Here's a quick 20 second adjustment in Photoshop, bit rough and ready but just to show you what you can do with basic adjustments.
Hope you don't mind!

Josh: Of course I don't mind, didn't actually realise my shot was quite so dark. Looked a lot brighter on the home monitor.

Kavita Favelle

You're welcome... it's what I do for a living (IT Training) so it's no biggie.

Bridget Harris

I'm not sure if a question counts as a comment but here goes... Could I substitute half the flour with wholemeal or would that mean all the other ingredients have to be adjusted?

Lovely blog by the way!

Joshua Armstrong

Glad you like it, thank you.

I've read folk saying you need to be careful when subsituting but I've played around with other loaves in the past and not had any trouble. As such I think you could get away with half and half strong white and wholemeal with this recipe.

Good luck.

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