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August 28, 2008


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Hi Josh: all fantastic write-ups. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Bravo on the sculpted carrot flower! The above dish reminds me of the two Thai fish recipes I made recently both cooked in banana leaves. One recipe was given by Sunflower and one I had in one of my books. I have difficulties keeping the banana leaves whole. They usually split, even when I've put them in boiling water for 1min to soften them. Was there a special trick to keep it from cracking? I have some banana leaves sitting in my freezer waiting to be used up!

Thank you for all your most interesting entries in the blog!

Elisa aka BelgianEndive

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Elisa.

I've only ever used banana leaves that one time but thinking back we had to warm them over a gas flame for a few seconds each side so they went supple. Maybe that will help. We then just cut them into circles with a plate and folded them up, securing with cocktail sticks. I guess the leaves were a lot fresher than ones you'd get in Europe too, we're a bit short of banana trees over here.

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