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September 28, 2008


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I absolutely love this! I've actually never heard of it until now and good on you for making a clanger! You are right though, attractive it ain't..


In the current climate of uniformly fabulous technicolour food photography your clanger looks subversively delicious - bravo!


What a great entry! I've never even heard of this. I've heard that Cornish pasties used to be made with one savoury end and one sweet end. Thanks so much for taking part.

sharon evans

my grandmother used to make these and passed the recipe on to my mother. I used to make them regularly when I lived with my parents but haven't made one for over twenty years. I used to wrap mine in tinfoil and bake them in the oven - they tend to brown a bit more and look more appetising, We'd make quite large ones then too, to feed five in our family. I remember them being a real treat.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Sharon

They sound great baked too, must give it a try some time.

Was it with bacon or beef?

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