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November 09, 2008


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Blimey, it's like a bus, nothing for ages and then they all come at once!
This sounds rather delish (apart from the capers, which is a personal ICK ingredient).
Wonder if I can persuade the OH...


Ooooh - there are a few butchers near me selling mutton / goat and I love capers, so I'll definitely give this a go.


I too was watching that jamie oliver episode (it was on last weekend, no?) and was also seriously tempted! I've never been a huge mutton fan but I like some ways it's prepared and I hope I'll like this one too!

Joshua Armstrong

Kavey - the capers aren't overpowering, just a little salty bite.

Su Lin - the episode was last week, yep. I want to do it again now just with a slightlier meatier shoulder. This one weighed 2.5kg and I reckon I only got 750gr of meat off it, if that.


I tried JO's recipe with the lamb and it was fantastic! I would love to try goat if only I could get hold of it.

James Simison

just tried it with goat, really really good! had never thought of goat for roasting but enjoyed it so much i think i'll do it again some time soon


Bought a shoulder of goat recently at a farmers market in Melbourne and found your recipe online. Well, we cooked it for 6 hours at 150 (fan forced oven) and it was perfect. Divine! Would highly recommend it! Don't think you even need the gravy/sauce.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Kate. Glad it worked out well for you, I bet your farmers market goat was a far meatier affair than my scrawny one. Thanks for the feedback.

Eric H

First time trying goat today... followed this recipe pretty closely, except started it on the grill and smoked with some apple wood chips, then finished over the coals in a large cast iron pan w/ the herbs & garlic - amazing! will definitely try this again! Thanks!

Gary Chapin

Okay, I'm trying this today. Bought a goat from a local farmer, had it butchered, and got the meat yesterday. Today I've got seven hearty eaters, so I'm going to cook both shoulders (with the rib cage, you're right, that was surprising). I'll let you know how it goes.

Joshua Armstrong

So how did it go Gary?

Joshua Armstrong

And glad it went well Eric.

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