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February 06, 2009


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I like it. Very classy. I remember the first time I edited my blog template a few yers ago. I destroyed it completely and had to grovel to Andy to find my programming bug.


Josh, I do like the layout, but I find the main text colour rather difficult to read. Is there any chance you could brighten it up a bit? I love reading your blog and I don't want to strain these tired old eyes!



Morning Josh.
You've been working hard on your blog I see, it's looking nice and slick too.
I've been into the advanced settings a couple of times to get rid of unnecessary icons - & lastly for a print icon, but I can't get that sitting in the right place. Hay ho.
I don't know if you can tell from there, but I've added you to my blog reader now.
Regards, Gillian.

Joshua Armstrong

Ros - this one is still very touch and go, although I've been a computer programmer for getting on a decade I've never done any web stuff. I can figure my way around the code but it can be a bit change and hope.

Titch - I'll have a little look into it for you.

Gill - good stuff, it's all a secret to me who has added me though. Advanced templates aren't my strong point of I'd offer to help.

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