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February 05, 2009


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OMG, that meal looks SOOOO good! I love yam and pork belly...we had that a lot in Malaysia. I wonder what the prawn paste is...like belacan?

Joshua Armstrong

hi Su Lin

It was very good.

The prawn paste wasn't fermented at all like belacan. It just seemed to be a big block of mashed up prawn, seasoned well and then deep fried. This was then sliced up and laid atop the tong choi, like a fish stick really just made of prawn.


Well it looks like you had an amazing feast! I love offal myself and this looks like offal lovers heaven. I've never had pig knuckle before so I really want to try that.


You're lucky to have found such good dining companions. I nearly flipped when I was out with my colleagues and one was sneering at my plate of mussels! I found out later that it probably was for the best that I didn't let many people know I ordered the foie gras and chicken liver parfait starter!

I will add this place to my list as one of Andy's loals for us to visit soon. I have a tendency to gnaw on bones for ages and have been known to spend a good ten minutes literally chewing the fat after eating a nice bit of steak, so I bet I'd love chewing on beef tendon.

Joshua Armstrong

Helen - pig knuckle was just pig trotter, so not sure if you've had that.

Ros - it's great to find like minded diners, especially where the less desirable parts of an animal are concerned. I'd've thought mussels would be pretty standard affair nowadays - you live and learn.

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