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February 11, 2009


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Lennie Nash

Hi I love duck too, one of my favourites. Gonna try this recipe tonight, just hope there's still a duck left for sale somewhere in London. Will let you know how it goes. Photos are fantastic!


I looooove duck skin. My parents recently made a 5 spice roasted duck brushed with honey and I literally fought my dad for the last bits of skin. My whingeing won out in the end...


that's a nice looking piece of duck cooking. I can imagine how it tastes and smells just looking at the picture. Gill.

Joshua Armstrong

I was pleased with how it looked Gill. Some of the pieces hadn't been fried enough and so lost their colour when stewed but a a little bit of selective picking from the pot helped the photo out. Don't tell anyone I told you that though.


Use the darkest and thickest soy you got, mushroom soy is good so is ketcup manis, rub all over with soy (if you like together with some 5 spice powder is also good). Let the duck soaked in the colour for at least one hour then deep fried or shallow fried to get that bronze brown colour. I normally fried whole duck like this before stewing.


he he, mum's the word.

Bridget Harris

Josh, I made this the other night and it was delicious. I do have a query though. I found the cooked stock quite swamped with fat. I don't have a deep fat fryer so just fried a few pieces at a time in deep oil in a saucepan. I did manage to get good colour on the duck as you advised. I realise the duck is very fatty in the first place but I wonder if you had this trouble too. I had left overs and when they were chilled and the fat removed it was really lovely.

As ever, great blog!

Joshua Armstrong

Glad you liked it Bridget. I let the duck drain in a sieve between batches of frying which probably helped a bit. There was some fat on the stock though but not particularly unpleasant amounts and the cornflour seemed to bind it into the sauce. My duck was pretty lean though which must be the biggest factor.

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