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February 19, 2009


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I am in complete agreement about food stacks. I think it's an odd trend, and mostly aimed at hiding how little food there actually is on your plate in a restaurant. Still, if it's a stack of potatoes, black pudding, cheese and bacon, I'm sure I can make an exception!
I've loved blood sausage since I was pretty young. I tried it on a family holiday in Austria, and now that I live in the UK and it's available as black pudding, I have to be careful (for the sake of my waistline) not to eat it too often. This combination looks ideal. I wonder if I can convince my wife it's what we need for a Sunday breakfast?


I agree about the tower presentation. It seems like an excuse for dishing out small portions.

This dish basically comprises almost all my current obsessions, cheese, black puddind and fried potato. If we could add a poached egg in there somewhere the list would be complete. I've been craving black pudding so much lately that I bought some to make a black pudding and rabbit pie then ate the black pudding before getting round to cooking and had to run out and buy more.

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