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March 16, 2009


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Wow - congrats on your big move/trip! Have a banana leaf rice in Malaysia for me!

I haven't done much travel around Asia but I adored Chiang Mai when I was there. The kao soi at Lamduan is amazing!


You have to go to Roti Mataba in Bangkok - amazing. Also worth reading is Robyn's amazing blog, http://eatingasia.typepad.com.

Good luck, wish I was doing the same thing!

Lee Donovan

As I said on the BBC food board, It's a brave choice and I wish I was secure enough to do the same.

Enjoy yourself Josh!

Sarah Williams




Left a message on the BBC food boards but just wanted to say have a great time, be safe and come back and tell us all about your travels, your food, your experiences. Bound to be great!!

I do envy you.

Take care.


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