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October 10, 2009


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Ann (applelisa)

That looks fantastic - I had a bahn mi yesterday at a new place that's opened in London (Viet Baguette) and it was a poor imitation. I was expecting exactly what you've blogged, but the only authentic addition was pate - no tasty juices and no discernible sauces!


One of the world's great sandwiches for sure. I only wish I was eating one in Vietnam (I've not been). The only banh mi I've ever eaten has been from sandwich shops in London and even they are only just popping up. They look absolutely rubbish compared to those in the picture above.

Joshua Armstrong

I've never seen them in London, then again if they're only just popping up it's not surprising. I'll have to give them a try when I return.

I'm currently in Saigon and whilst I'm liking the herb laden southern pho the banh mi aren't as good as up north. Less of the oils and the baguettes aren't as thin and crisp, being more like the leathery kind we get in UK supermarkets. I think most UK Vietnamese are from down south so could explain why the banh mi are lacking in the oily stuff.


Hello Josh, really interesting to see your post. We are trying to make banh mi in London and it was really intersting to see you describe the soft pate that's spread in the beginning. We do that too! We also do a hard pate that is cut into slices. So it's great to see that confirmation here. Thanks for this observation.

Joshua Armstrong

Hi Banhmi11

With all those Vietnamese supermarkets on Mare St you're in the perfect area for making banh mi, I just checked your site out and they look great. Before I left for Asia I was living in Hackney, and will be again in the not too distant future (less than 3 weeks left on this trip :( ), so I'll have to pop over to Broadway Market, say hello and try one of them out.



Def. one of the worlds greatest. I tried to get that secret sauce recipe from some of the vendors but NO GO. You're right, there's NO place in Saigon to get a crisp baguette like they do in Central Vietnam. Oh, how I've searched. Try this one in Cam Ranh if you're ever up there. http://globaleats.blogspot.com/2010/06/king-mi.html

Joshua Armstrong

I'll look it up if I'm back. Looks fantastic.

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