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November 18, 2009


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I am indeed sad to see your adventure end! But you did make it a pleasure to those who followed your journal - many thanks.

You are obviously a man who knows and enjoys food, and approaches it with such a positive attitude that your rewards are guaranteed. At the risk of offending, I am surprised that your "food" sensitivity/knowledge/attitude resides in a resident of Great Britain - however, I would also immediately say that I'd even be more amazed if you had been an American!

Thank you again, my friend, for a delightful several months (BTW, how is it that you, an obviously young guy, can afford such an extended holiday?). I now wish you well as you attempt to readjust back into the life you left for your adventure.
john murren


Please accept my sincere condolences on returning to UK :D

Joshua Armstrong

John - glad you enjoyed it. As bad as some people are over here we've still got a reasonable number of people with a decent attitude to food. I'm 32 so I've had a little while to save up, plus being a finance worker the pay's quite good. Think I may struggle to find work now though. Oops.

Lola - thank you. I'm not sure I can handle being back here. Job market's looking crap so I'm already looking into going back to China next year. Will have to work this time though but a year of teaching English should allow plenty of time and money to explore the rest of the country and its food.


Hi Josh,

It has been great reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing it all and welcome home.


I imagine Phnom Penh looks a little different today
compared with 35 years ago :)

Joshua Armstrong

Thanks Luca

Amazing photos cmsd2. It's definitely changed. I became obsessed with the Cambodian Holocaust whilst I was there and read many books on the subject. It's really interesting to put a picture to all those words.

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