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December 09, 2009


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Pork Chop 1 egg and grits.
This is a fine meal its a perfect meal I wish I could eat like that every morning.The southern united states has so much to offer thank you for the post, time to re-stock on hominy grits.


Where did you get the grits from?

It looks like a fantastic breakfast - I'd love to try your smoked minneapolis version.

Joshua Armstrong

Sweetwater - I'm always happy to cook southern US food. May have to embark on another phase of cooking it.

Lizzie - Selfridges food hall. They were obscenely priced and they were only the instant variety but it was convenient. Even with postage you get a far better deal here:


Plus you can choose standard, easy cook or instant.


I actually love grits, went out to Atlanta a few years back and stayed way out in Macon for a bit. They love to stir cheese into the grits... It's goood!

Joshua Armstrong

I've taken to adding to cheddar to mine too. Coincidentally I had pork chop, cheddar grits and fried egg for dinner last night.

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