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March 20, 2010


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Dang, that does look good! I'm tempted to have another go at it myself!


mental, brilliant, welcome back


That looks so good! A great dish!



Joshua Armstrong

Su-Lin - I was really pleased with the result, far more authentic tasting than I thought it would be. Would love to do the soup but for me the bitter green leaves in it were a big part and I don't think I can get them over here, I think it's some sort of edible nightshade, or maybe the stuff they call Sabah Vegetable in Malaysia.

Ian - cheers, is good to be blogging again

Rosa - glad you like the look of it


That looks so good. I'm a big fan of minced pork in any Asian dish - it is so tasty and easy to eat.

After my attempts at Tian Shui Mian I shall definitely be trying this!


this looks incredible- is giving me pangs of hunger right now. i miss the savoury breakfasts in kl. thanks for re-creating.


Back with a bang! Hope you had a great trip. Will be trying this.

Joshua Armstrong

Sharmila - I don't think it's quite as good as the tian shui mian but it's definitely worth a go. In the Chinese supermarket yesterday I saw dried anchovies that had been beheaded and despined (not that i did that for this) and I reckon I'll go for them next time.

Helena - the breakfasts in KL were so good, there's nothing over here to compare to the stalls that used to set up outside our homestay each day - roti, nasi lemak, so many different bao, eceonomy rice plus the pan mee and other noodle dishes

Niamh - it's good to be back

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