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April 14, 2010


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really beautiful photo you have here. i love cod croquettes. which deli is this in Angel- love that area.


They look delicious. I really loved all the salt cod I had in Lisbon but for some reason I didn't manage to do anything about it when I got home. I will definitely be trying this.

(they look like they would be great dipped in ketchup...!)


Delicious! I also buy them often from the Portuguese place near me but just haven't been back since management changed for the upteenth time. Gotta go back.

Joshua Armstrong

Shayma - I thought the photo was awful, but thank you. It was Olga stores on Penton St, just down from what's now The Lexington.

Lizzie - I imagine they would be quite nice in ketchup too, quite a lot of effort to dip in ketchup though.

Su Lin - they are great little snacks, they were only about 75p when I used to buy them too.


Ooh could you tell me what the deli in Angel was called please? I'm very near Angel and am slightly obsessed with Baccala!

Thanks :)

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