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May 07, 2010


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Go to Chilli Cool - they made me like aubergines with their sea spicy aubergine dish. I hate aubergines ordinarily.

And their crispy intestines are magical (it's not often you hear that phrase).

Joshua Armstrong

Chili Cool's on the list, friend's just moved to Kings Cross so going to get him down there. Not that I should really need an excuse when it's only 15 minutes from work or home.


You can't find anyone to eat Sichuan with?! Seriously Josh - me, Lizzie, Chris. Chilli Cool?!

Joshua Armstrong

Ha. Maybe I should've qualified that, I can't find anyone who doesn't write a blog to eat it with.


Lovely post. Empress sounds good for those new to Sichuan cuisine, such as me, but I like proper heat! Chilli Cool has been recommended to me many times. What do you think of Bar Shu?


I wasn't hugely impressed with Empress but that was largely due to the waitress pouring my beer into my companions glass. Grr.

(Let's go to Chilli Cool)

Joshua Armstrong

Laura - not been to Bar Shu yet, although hear it's the toned down option

Lizzie and Helen - Chili Cool defo needs a visit, I need to go to Gourmet San too, what with it being about a mile from where I live, it delivers to my house supposedly for that matter

The London Foodie

I really enjoyed this place but should have been a little more adventurous with the ordering, the offal dish sounds amazing and so does the dumplings (haven't yet tried either of them). Love Fuschia's book too!

Luiz @ The London Foodie

Joshua Armstrong

Luiz - I enjoyed it too, I think there's a reasonable scope for adventurous ordering there too. The dumplings were great. Have you made the recipe for them from Fuchsia's book? I found them a little bland, my crappy supermarket pork mince probably didn't help though.

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