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May 24, 2010


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Biscuits rock! Pure and simple, really good with burgers as well.


I'd be tempted to throw some kind of colour in there, but it sounds intruiging - is it not a total stodgefest?


LOVE biscuits and gravy. I wish the McDonalds here sold biscuits at breakfast time... :P

Joshua Armstrong

Paul - not thought of them with burgers, may have to give it a try

Lizzie - it is a bit beige, not sure what colour I'd add though. The gravy is good on fried chicken and chicken fried steak too, sausages bits optional. It's not too stodgy as the biscuits are quite light and fluffy, they rose a good 3 times in height so a good bit of air in their to lighten it up and the fat content (at maybe 25% of flour weight) is a less than an English scone.

Su-Lin - you are a lady of taste. I'd forgot about biscuits in McDonalds, now you mention it remember having them with the McDs sausage pattie in, don't think I've had them with the gravy though

Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie - the weekend gone had the sausage gravy with grits and scrambled eggs too which I think I prefer, that's real easy eating as you just use a spoon. Thought it was a bit similar to the pork chop, grits and egg to blog though so knocked some biscuits up for on here.

The Grubworm

Oh my God, i LOVE biscuits and gravy. I first had it on my Granddad's Virginia farm and, like you an English kid abroad - I didn't know what to expect. It was salty, fatty heaven on a plate.

The best I've had recently are in The Flying Biscuit in Atlanta. If you ever find any in London please let me know, I'll be there. I'm kinda surprised that places like The Breakfast Club in Islington don't do them.


Well I've never even heard of this dish until now. I'd definitely scarf it down but you're right, it ain't got a lot going for it in the looks department.

Joshua Armstrong

Grubworm - Breakfast Club would be an ideal candidate. Will keep my eyes peeled.

Helen - Give it a go, it's very simple to do and a bit different.

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