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May 23, 2010


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omg, home cooked carnitas are always sooo much more tasty than the ones at restaurants, I always find. I tend to skip the addition of lard though and just favour frying in the fat the pork exudes.

Joshua Armstrong

They are very good, sometimes when you eat them out they can border too much on a stew.

I think I have a bit of a lard fetish, always wacking entire blocks of it in things - confit, rilettes, hot water pastry and carnitas spring to mind.


Those look mighty tasty!


I imagine the lard versions to be far tastier. It looks delicious; I can just imagine the pork all falling apart.

Joshua Armstrong

Luca - thanks, they were

Lizzie - I like to think the fat takes less of the flavour out the meat, like it's less soluble in lard than stewing in water. Could be utter nonsense but there's definitely a difference between meat simmered in lard and meat simmered in water, outside of the increased heart attack properties that is.


I love carnitas! Excellent post :)

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