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June 02, 2010


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Joshua Armstrong

Have you had one before? Or is it just the thought?


I am a big fan of meat with fruit, so I'm sure I'd love this, doesn't sound strange to me at all, even with the jam!

Joshua Armstrong

I'm definitely not averse to the combination, and the more I think about it the less weird it sounds, especially now I've eaten it. On Man v Food they had a Monte Cristo dog. Hot dog buns topped with jam then hot dogs then melted swiss cheese.


I used to watch Man V Food when I was in the States. I think I also tried a Monte Cristo sandwich or something v. similar as it was fried in egg and had icing sugar on it. Although I didn´t dislike it, neither was it my favourite sandwich!


I want it. I know exactly what you mean about things not working but you can get into it and the more you think about it the more you find similar combinations. The Bompas and Parr bacon doughnut is a perfect example. I ate duck pate on toast the other night and put a cheeky smear of marmalade on the toast first. It was wrong but it was right and I had a second piece.

Hugh Keogh

Thank you for this Josh, the Monte Cristo has become the Keogh household post-pub weapon of choice. BMI forecast to hit three figures late August/early September.

Joshua Armstrong

Tracey - it's a fine show and a fine sandwich, although like you it's not my favourite.

Helen - the toast sounds great, although not so sure on the dnonut. I'll try anything once though.

Hugh - if after the pub you can place two kinds of meat plus cheese between bread, dip in egg and then fry you obviously haven't been drinking enough whilst there.


No I haven't - it was just a thought but I will print this post out and make it! its my kinda sandwich!

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