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June 18, 2010


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Nice - I must try this -
I love New Orleans! Thanks for the reminder x

Joshua Armstrong

You've managed first comment on each of my Sandwiches of America posts. Hooray for you.

Have you been to New Orleans and had the real thing?


Fried stuff? In a bun? Yes, please.


Fantastic effort. I had a shrimp and oyster po'boy in Houston airport. It was enormous. Served with chips and a beer I immediately succumbed to a food coma.


Have I? Hooray for me! Are you talking to me?
Yes I had one when I was there - was GREATTT! I also had lots of alligator too - and massive steaks and a lot of Bourbon.

I didn't manage to get any beads though.. too shy to show off my boobs! he he

Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie - that was indeed an enormous sandwich.

Su-Lin - There's few things not improved through battering and deep frying and it appears sandwich fillings aren't one of them

Uyen - I was talking to you - yep. Very jealous, I want to go there on a foodie trip. If you can make it three I'll give you a prize (not beads).


I've seen lots of variations on the "po boy" and this one is a great one. Thanks for sharing!


Um... if ever there was a time for "f**k my mouth"...


This sounds MMMMMGood. fried "anything" in a bun works for me but the spicy batter & Shrimp combo has the ayes. Will try this out on my stomach soon!

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