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August 16, 2010


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I think this must be one of the best food blogs ever! Totally didn't expect to read that you had been making sausages! Don't forget I live very nearby you in case you had left overs!


Did you manage to find mongetes? They are indeed white beans but slightly elongated... I've seen them in jars, a Spanish brand.

Joshua Armstrong

Uyen - ah (blush)

Su-Lin - nope. I'm going to use cannelini as they seem nearer to the Spanish beans than the haricot we get over here. Going to fry them too, have you had that version?


And here they are! They look excellent. I am even more excited now about my imminent sausage stuffing adventures. I agree that neither style is better (rusk or no rusk) but I do enjoy the dense coarse meatyness of a pure meat sausage. oo-er.


Yup - well, we cooked them at home and Blai suggested frying them. They're very much a homey dish.

Joshua Armstrong

Helen - I think most British bangers have to have rusk, without it they don't feel like a British banger. Have never had a proper Cumberland myself though.

Su-Lin - I've since tried the fried beans and did like them, working up to blogging it.

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