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August 10, 2010


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Wow - first time having Padron peppers? It took me years before I finally got a hot one, and when I did I had 3 in a row. Ouch.

Sounds like a fantastic little place.

Joshua Armstrong

I've lived a sheltered life, not like I've visited Spain every year, for 1-3 weeks at a time, for the past 14-15 years either.


Wish that I had known you went -(or remembered) there is this great place that does the best tapas I ever had - and I say that cos Spanish is one of my least liked cuisine. And you could've met my best buddy - she my friend since we were 5 years old!

Joshua Armstrong

That's a shame. I asked twitter but I think you were probably away on holiday. Maybe next time (I go to Catalunya every year).

I'm starting to think Spain has some of the finest food on the planet, and the Top 50 restaurant folk certainly love them.

Mr Noodles

This place looks the business, the patatas aside! Interesting observation re:the bread used in the bikini, as that's how I feel about bacon sarnies. Has to be with bread from a mass produced loaf of white!

PS: You're pulling my leg - 1st time trying a padron pepper?

An American in London

You know, that's happened to me in Barcelona, too, where strangers sitting nearby offer you food from their plate. What a true food lover's city!

Joshua Armstrong

Sung - there's certain dishes that cheap is good.

It's true. I made up for it though and must've had them 6 times last week.

AAIL - I think they're very into their food and also very proud of it which worked out well for us.

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