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August 17, 2010


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Oh My God!
I live in the middle of that nowhere and I love chicken hearts!

Hoorray for chicken hearts and thanks for testing it out for us ;)

Joshua Armstrong

My pleasure. As I was typing that I was thinking that you may well live in the middle of that nowhere.

Mr Noodles

The chicken hearts look intriguing. Not sure I like the idea of a thin burger though. As you found, it doesn't remain juicy in the same way a thicker specimen might. Interesting write-up as my eyes normally glaze over when I see the word burger in a blog! I guess the Brazilian twist adds a level of intrigue.


Those chicken hearts look flippin brilliant. I'm pretty sure I've never eaten a chicken heart. Look at them all! I'd try the place just for those I think.

Michael Carøe Andersen

I finally went there today and really enjoyed it. Had seen it from the bus and this review made it sound ok to try. I had a Classic X burger and really, really liked it. Definitely going back some time.

Out of curiosity - where do you get the best burger in London? And where do you get the best valued?


Joshua Armstrong

Glad you enjoyed it Michael.

For me the best burger in London is Goodman's, although I'll caveat that with I've not tried Hawksmoor's offering yet. I also think Goodman's is the best value, especially if you like your toppings. It's £12 including fries, so not super cheap, but there's 5 toppings available and the price doesn't change even if you have all 5.

With just a couple of toppings (cheese and bacon) and skin on fries you're on £12 at Byron too and, as much as I love Byron's burgers, you'd be looking at 6oz of beef there and not the 250gr of very well aged USDA prime you get at Goodman.

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