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September 10, 2010


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My husband loves bitter melon so I'll definitely be making this. Thanks!


Hey -
This bitter melon thing - I've been trying my whole life to acquire it but I still can't. My mum always stuffs it and it looks so delicious so I always taste it in hope I can eat it but nah!

Still trying : )

Joshua Armstrong

Liz - been a while since I heard from you. It is one of the rare vegan recipes on my blog so hope you enjoy.

Leluu - It's definitely one of those acquired ones, I was unsure at first but it's grown on me.

I now love it stuffed. Used to have it Chinese style with pork and prawn and then cooked in black bean sauce. Also had it in Vietnam too, just a big lump of it hollowed out and stuffed with pork before being braised. May recreate something similar with the remaining half tonight and get it on here.

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