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September 13, 2010


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Excellent stuff. They look gorgeous; looking forward to trying them.

Mr Noodles

I can only echo what Lizzie says! Excellent! Are you sure you're not part-Chinese? For language geeks, 'hua juan' translates as 'flower-twisted'.

Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie - give them a go. Good fun to make and tasty.

Mr N - Not when I last checked, although my kids will be. I knew the hua bit (same for Sichuan pepper - no?) but was wondering what juan was - thanks.


The Chinese name for this is 香葱花卷
香(siang) fragrant
葱(chung) spring onion
花(hua) flower
卷(juan) roll

Looks good. I made some the other day with ground Sichuan pepper and spring onion. Very nice.

Joshua Armstrong

I should have been able to read the spring onion really, see the symbol enough when trying to translate recipes.

I have a mandarin cookbook that is all flour based, so lots of buns and dumplings, and I got the twisting instruction for these from there as it had photos. In that recipe (which I didn't bother translating) they were sprinkling something ground up and reddish on with the spring onion so guessing that must be Sichuan pepper. Will check when I get home.


I've eaten Chinese steamed buns happily whenever possible. I'd always imagined that they'd be extra difficult to make at home, but your recipe sounds pretty reasonable. I want to make it soon.

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