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September 28, 2010


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Looks lovely. I wish they'd sell bitter melon in portioned chunks - cheaper, and I wouldn't have to be eating it for the rest of the week.


Wow six quids for one oriental bitten melon, that is expensive. I hardly ever bought it while living here and I can only find it in London.

Your stuffed melon soup looks goods.

My favourite with bitten melon are

-Bitter melon chunks braised with pork ribs and black beans
- Soup with pork (like ribs) and dried oysters
- Beef and bitter melon stir fry

Joshua Armstrong

Lizzie - they are rather big aren't they, definitely have to commit to a week of them unless you're cooking for a few

Sunflower - yep, they were about £8 or £9 a kg on Gerrard St. Maybe out of season. My pork belly cook book has a recipe where it's braised with pork belly and one of those cans of dace in salted black beans, thought it sounded very interesting.


Black beans fried dace + belly, I reckon will work quite well. The chewy fish and black beans are salty and quite flavourful.

Not had dace with black beans for years. Great with plain juk (rice soup). Used to be quite cheap, poor man food. I think it has gone up to £3+ for a can. Best brand is Pearl River (not sure they still make it), other brands just not the same. I heard some of the these canned fish from China are banned in many countries due to contaminated fish.


1. i love this soup. i didn't as a kid but now i do enjoy it immensely. i typically boil it first, once, to temper the bitterness a bit.

2. i don't know the currency over theres but that seems like ALOT for this veg.

Joshua Armstrong

Sunflower - I've never had that dace with black bean, although think I have a can in the back of the cupboard so may have to remedy that. I had heard of the contamination bit too. My can was bought in Tawau.

Lan - Assuming you're in the US then £6 is about $9-$10.


You brought canned food from Tawau? Good on you! Do they make black bean dace in Malaysia? If you like prawn crackers, next time from Tawau you should bring back some dried (not fried yet) prawn crackers made with real prawns not the msg loaded white pasty ones all take-aways and restaurants used over here.

Interest read about black beans dace from this blogger. This is the brand I always had PRB (short for Pearl River Bridge) http://tastyislandhawaii.com/blog/2009/09/25/fried-dace-with-salted-black-beans/

Khon Kaen

Yep - bittermelon is great stuff and the Thai's really know how to cook it

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