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October 03, 2010


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Sarah, Maison Cupcake

These look fab, I really need to track down some of those rice paper rolls to try making them.


Dude, you CANNOT make us read this kind of stuff on a Monday morning!

Any chance of leftovers or a bespoke order for delivery?

Joshua Armstrong

Sarah - thanks, I buy them in either Chinese or Vietnamese supermarket. Great for the store cupboard as they last indefinitely and then with a quick run under the tap they're ready. So versatile as you can eat raw for summer rolls, fried for spring rolls and steamed too.

Carla - Leftovers? They lasted about 3 minutes even though the gf only had one and I had the other 7.


They look awesome. I love deep frying the rice paper rolls as opposed to the more Chinese spring roll wrappers; so much crunchier and less greasy. PORK FAT WIN!

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